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Competitive games are all about ranks and ratings. At least, they are what the players eagerly fight for. If only winning and losing a match becomes the evaluating category, then there would be no continuous strategy to judge if the player is elite or not. To track the overall performance, to place the players in […]

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Digital games that are based on points and ranks are in competition these days. Around the world, the players can compete with each other to the top ranks. Apt to the achieved score, the tournament rewards with prizes and fame no less than that of a celebrity. Lately, many multiplayer games like CSGO or WoW […]

What are some of the game modes in CSGO?

Counter-Strike has been a famous global game that has lured many players towards it. Well, with some of its best features, this gameplay is in demand these days. So, in this article, we have decided to tell you more about CSGO game modes. Moreover, you can also try cs go boost which will rank you […]